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Installing Patches to your VMWare ESX Server without Update Manager

I recently had a problem trying to get my ESX server to install patches.  I used the update manager that you would install with the Virtual Infrastructure Client but it kept coming back saying that there was an error and couldn’t update my server.  So after a little research I found a few ways that […]

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Linux infection Malware found in Gentoo Distro

Yesterday I was reading an interesting article on ZDnet that talked about Gentoo Linux being infected with malware.  Not just from a download but it was included in the distribution its self.  The malicious code was found in the unrealircd tarball. This back door exploit has been out there for more than 7 months.   […]

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Network Virtualization with Vyatta

I ran across this the other day and had to take a look at it.  This is Vyatta network virtualization community edition, meaning free.  Vyatta’s network operating system is optimized to run in virtual environments to manage traffic and enforce policies in the same way that a physical router, firewall, VPN or […]

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