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What market share does Linux have?

I got into an interesting debate over Linux and the market share it has.  The die hard Windows guy I was talking to talked all about Linux losing market share and how it never even had more than 30% of the server market.  I don’t know where he gets these kind of number, but I […]

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Ulteo Opensource Virtual Desktop

Ulteo is an open source program that does the same thing as Citrx.  Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop v2.0 provides an open architecture to deliver securely any Linux and Windows applications to any device of the enterprise through the web browser, from anywhere. Integration in a Microsoft environment is fully supported.  This is a pretty cool […]

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Desktop virtualization for Windows and Linux

I recently read an article that talked about desktop virtualization and how these three stacked up to each other.  The article is from InfoWorld and was very interesting.  Part of the article follows:

VMware Workstation 7 is still king for developers and techs, but innovative VirtualBox 3.1 and easy-to-use Parallels Desktop 4 gain ground

VMware […]

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