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Specops GPUpdate is a nice Active Directory tool for remote administration

Specops Gpupdate is a FREE tool that makes your life as an administrator much easier by providing operations such as update of Group Policy Objects, remote restart, wake on lan, WSUS client update and remote shutdown.  That is straight from the Specops website and it is the truth.  I was introduced to […]

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Windows 7 Shortcut keys

This post is a very extensive list of Windows shortcut keys.   These shortcuts are often passed on from version to version so many of these will work on various versions of Windows.  First lets start with a US 101 key keyboard and a diagram that can aid in finding certain types of keys.  Not that […]

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Desktop virtualization for Windows and Linux

I recently read an article that talked about desktop virtualization and how these three stacked up to each other.  The article is from InfoWorld and was very interesting.  Part of the article follows:

VMware Workstation 7 is still king for developers and techs, but innovative VirtualBox 3.1 and easy-to-use Parallels Desktop 4 gain ground

VMware […]

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