Android from a LiveCD

I don’t know how many of you have used the Android operating system by Google, but I came across this web site that has a Live CD version that you can run on your computer. I is really meant to allow developers to test and build new applications for the Droid OS. Well I thought it was pretty cool and I downloaded it and played around for a little while.  I ran it as a virtual machine using VMWare and then I also loaded it up on a Dell workstation.  I think it worked best in the virtual, on the Dell it keep going to sleep mode.  It may be part of the battery warning you get when you first load Android.  However it was cool to play around with, I even got on to the internet with it.  The mouse is used to simulate the touch screen by holding down the right button and basically dragging the screen.  Here are some screen shots of the virtual machine I was using.

Now I wouldn’t say that you can go out and replace you current operating system with Android.  But I think it is a pretty cool way to get a glimpse of Android before you buy a smart phone, use it to develop applications, or just to play around with the OS.   Anyhow check it out at .  You download it in two parts and use hjsplit to rejoin the ISO file.

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