Coby Kyros GPU fix Update

I installed the fix on to another Kyros last night and ran into some interesting problems.  It would come up normally but when you went to touch the screen the message bar would flash and you could not access anything.  So it is a good thing to make a backup before you do anything that modifies your Kyros.

I recovered back to the save and started over.  First thing I did is open the fix and look at the files.  Then I copied out the original files from the Kyros to my computer and then installed the fix again.  I ended up with the same problem.  This time I copied back the original build.prop file and rebooted the device.  Everything worked afterwords.  The screen density was still at 240 and the memory was still at 24m.  I tested Angry Birds and it worked great.  The big difference was that the build.prop file said it was a MID7015 not a MID7015A.  But once I had ClockWorkMod installed I was not going to try to go back to the original recovery so I could install the update from Coby.  So I left things as they are and it works good but doesn’t have the sharper image that the fix gave you.

Another thing that I found was on the Kyros I install the fix to first.  Movies that I watched on the device became jumpy and would freeze from time to time.  I played around with the setting in the build.prop file and the heap memory.  I set it to 32 and 48 meg but it didn’t fix the problem.   Then I changed the LCD density setting to 180,220, and 240.  Once I set it back to the Kyros default of 240, the movies began to play with out any freezing.  This may not be an issue for people that don’t watch movies on their Kyros but I do when I travel.  So do a little testing with your setting and make a backup before the fix.  Good Luck.

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2 Responses

  1. avatar ogwatermelon says:

    I will look through my backups and will post one for download. Do you have clockworkmod installed? You will need it to restore the backup. If you tell me a little bit more about the problem I may be able to help you fix it without a full restore. Just let me know.

  2. avatar Gonzalo says:

    I installed de Coby a couple of days ago, and since then I can download any app (appslib or applanet. I did soft and hard reset, but nothing fixed the problem. I’m sure the update is the problem, so I want to ask you if you did a backup of the stock firmware. I asked at the Coby site, but never get and answer.
    I’m new at android and if I heve the same problemas than you, I’ll don’t know how to fix them.

    Thanks a lot.

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