Intel claims to have developed 50Gbps silicon optics

Intel has unveiled the prototype of a high-speed fiber-optic data system based on silicon chips with integrated lasers and detectors. The system runs at 50Gbps, with Intel claiming future scalability to 1Tbps and beyond.  But Intel’s silicon-based optical data connection could eventually allow the industry to replace traditional connections with extremely thin and light optical fibers capable of transferring gigabits of data over long distances.  The 50Gbps link is akin to a concept vehicle that allows to test new ideas and develop technologies transmit data over optical fibers, using light beams from low cost and easy to make silicon.  Telecommunications and other applications already use lasers to transmit information, current technologies are too expensive and bulky to be used for PC applications.  Once this makes it into the main stream tech it will be awesome, I can’t wait!!  But only if it can do what it claims.

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