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This is a review of  Windows 7 RTM, from Windows 7.  Check it out.

For roughly three weeks I have been using the finalized version of Windows 7 Ultimate, it was worth the wait to say the least. Microsoft has delivered on their promise; to deliver a light-weight, secure, and fast operating system. Everyone should upgrade to this new offering from Microsoft as soon as possible, you will thank me later. Read on to find out what makes Windows 7 worth the wait.

Desktop Win 7Review

The RTM – Build 7600

Microsoft has done an excellent job of keeping the familiarities of XP and Vista in Windows 7. If you have used a Windows machine in the last 8-10 years, you will have no problem migrating to Windows 7. Vista users will notice that the new user interface is not all that different from what they are used to, only that it has been refined and polished. Windows 7 also has some new features and innovations that succeed in making everyday tasks easier.

One of the major new innovations is the new taskbar. It has been made slightly bigger than in previous versions of Windows, it now has very nice functionality features added to it. The ability to pin programs and folders to the taskbar is one, it is similar to the quick launch in XP or Vista but it differs in some unique ways. One way it differs is the live thumbnail preview of any of the open windows.  The Jump List feature has been added which allows you to easily find commonly used files. Right click any program currently pinned to your taskbar and up comes a Jump List of your most used files. Over all the taskbar is very handy and easy to get used to, I use it every day and love it.


The new taskbar in action. Notice the live preview.

Another great feature about Windows 7 is the Aero enhancements.  Aero Peek, Snap, and Shake all help to make dealing with open windows even easier. Aero Peek is the ability to make all open windows transparent so you can see your desktop, the button is located in the far right hand corner of your desktop.

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