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Firefox addon, Firesheep, the novice way to sidejack?

I read several articles about Firesheep, the addon for Firefox, and the sidejacking that it performs on a computer network. The first think I would like to say is that most these articles basically encourage people to try it out, and make people think their information will be stolen while using the WiFi at […]

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WiMax and your cell phone 4G network

WiMAX is an IP based, wireless broadband access technology that provides performance similar to 802.11/Wi-Fi networks with the coverage and QOS of cellular networks. WiMAX is also an acronym meaning “Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.  WiMAX is a wireless digital communications system, also known as IEEE 802.16, that is […]

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iSCSI SAN with StarWind and a Windows Server

I recently built a failover cluster to test  Hyper V on Windows Server 2008 R2 and its ability to with stand losing a server.  I originally started out by building the two Windows machines and used Openfiler as the iSCSI SAN.  Well it turns out that Openfiler didn’t work with the Windows failover cluster on […]

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