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Linux Management with Spacewalk

I recently built a Spacewalk 2.1 server to automate certain administration functions for my Linux machines. Installation was pretty straight forward as long as you don’t have any problems. However once I got it running it was really a great way to manage my systems. First let’s get a little info […]

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Red Hat’s KVM is it Enterprize Material

When you think of virtualization you think of Vmware, Microsoft’s Hyper V, and Citrix’s XenServer.  Well there has been another technology out there for some time found in Red Hat and Fedora Linux, and several others I’m sure.  It is called KVM.  KVM is a little different from other virtualization in the way that it […]

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iSCSI on a Red Hat based distro

After the previous article I wanted to get it working on Linux. Let me say it is a little more tricky to get this going. For the Red Hat based distro you can use YUM to install the iscsi utilities. Once it was installed you have to go into the /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf file […]