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Will Android over take Apple’s IOS?

Android seems to be over taking then mobile phone market with the growth of smart phone sales.  To make the case a little stronger Apple’s own Steve Wozniak  had this to say in an interview about Google’s Android vs Apple’s IOS.

Steve Wozniak thinks that the iPhone is tops in overall quality but also that when […]

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Microsoft’s push for H.264 as the default codec forIE and HTML5 video

I read a few articles on the push for H.264 to be the only supported video codec used for Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5.  HTML5 specification describes video support without specifying a particular video format, allowing the supported codecs to be determined by the browser maker.  The real problem is that H.264 is a […]

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Is the iPad next big thing?

To get this all started I don’t hate Apple products and I am defiantly not a Fanboy of Apple.  I’m kind of the middle of the road.  Just to clear that up with some of the Apple haters and cult that seems to warship Apple.  To get everything going I read a bunch of article […]

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