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Build a Window 7 PE Boot disk with WinBuilder

We use a PE disk to boot the fist machine at a remote site to set up a Ghost server from a NAS.  As we got newer machines the XP based BartPE disk was not working as well as we wanted.  So I sat out to build a Windows 7 boot disk that would make […]

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Getting Hard Drive Serial Numbers using scripts

Recently I had been working on a way to retrieve hard drive serial numbers without having to go around and look at each drive.  We have to use them for reports and we use equipment from sites that we go to that doesn’t belong to us so a kept list is not an option.  There […]

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Active Directory based authentication for Linux and Mac

Centrify Express is an Active Directory based authentication and single sign-on to      cross-platform systems.  It used to  integrate Linux and Mac systems with Windows.  Centrify Express installs a program called the DirectControl agent on a UNIX system so that computer can be a managed system and can be joined to Active Directory in […]

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