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Email and more with Zimbra

I was trying to replace my current email system with something that had more use than just email. So in my research I found Zimbra and it is truly a great piece of software. It is owned by Vmware and has several different versions out there to include a community version […]

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Roundcube is a great interface for your webmail

I have been running a mail server for years now and used Squirrel Mail as the web interface.  I like Squirrel Mail but I wanted to change the interface to something a little more modern and easier to look at.  I think I found that in Roundcube.  Roundcube is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with […]

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Zarafa a Linux based Exchange replacement

I have been messing around with Zarafa for a few weeks and it is a really cool email  server without all of the cost.  Zarafa is the MS Exchange replacement for Linux servers, which allows you to share your e-mail, calendar and contacts via Outlook or Webaccess.  However for Outlook support you have to purchase […]