Million Linux Kernels Simulate Botnet

This was a pretty cool tidbit of information, trying to experiment with a virtual botnet.  Sound pretty cool and would be even better to simulate but who has that much hardware, even if they can run 1,000 kernels per that is still 1,000 machines.
Aug 04, 2009

The biggest botnet to date is being virtualized using a network of one million Linux kernels. The virtual machines form an experiment in studying the origins of the malware.

Everything in the study by the Sandia National Laboratories is virtual: the servers ready to be infected by malware, the users clicking on virtual e-mail attachments and one million computers simulating the Internet. The massive experiment at the lab in Livermore CA has yielded results on how a nefarious botnet can come about, according to a report in

Even while the data from the $100,000 experiment is being analyzed, Sandia National Laboratories is planning further tests using its Red Sky supercomputer, this time with 10 million Linux kernels.

(Marcel Hilzinger)Linux Pro Magazine

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