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Group Policy update on a remote machine

I’m over in Korea and we are working on systems that are scattered all through 7 different buildings.  It is only a few hundred machines but pushing out Group Policy updates is a pain with them scattered all over.  So This little script will send out a update using the gpupdate command.  We don’t have […]

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Getting Hard Drive Serial Numbers using scripts

Recently I had been working on a way to retrieve hard drive serial numbers without having to go around and look at each drive.  We have to use them for reports and we use equipment from sites that we go to that doesn’t belong to us so a kept list is not an option.  There […]

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Time zome script

Today with the need to insure the time zones on all of our remote computers, which can be upwards of 250 machines, is set correctly of the area. I decided to sit sown and write a script that would allow the admin to change the time zone with just the push of a few […]

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