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Will Android over take Apple’s IOS?

Android seems to be over taking then mobile phone market with the growth of smart phone sales.  To make the case a little stronger Apple’s own Steve Wozniak  had this to say in an interview about Google’s Android vs Apple’s IOS.

Steve Wozniak thinks that the iPhone is tops in overall quality but also that when […]

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Active Directory based authentication for Linux and Mac

Centrify Express is an Active Directory based authentication and single sign-on to      cross-platform systems.  It used to  integrate Linux and Mac systems with Windows.  Centrify Express installs a program called the DirectControl agent on a UNIX system so that computer can be a managed system and can be joined to Active Directory in […]

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MAC security Patches

My only question with MAC is how can they say their OS is the best one out there and yet have around 5% of the market share? I like Unix and Linux and I am an administrator on Linux servers, but I just don’t like how they play up the glitches in other operating […]

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