Linux infection Malware found in Gentoo Distro

Yesterday I was reading an interesting article on ZDnet that talked about Gentoo Linux being infected with malware.  Not just from a download but it was included in the distribution its self.  The malicious code was found in the unrealircd tarball. This back door exploit has been out there for more than 7 months.   This is an indicator of the need for better malware protection on the Linux platform.  This begs the question. what other back doors are in open source that we just haven’t found yet?  Anyhow this will not stop me from using Linux, it will just make me a little more mindful of that the possibility is out there.   I do run anti virus on my Linux servers and try to secure them as good as possible.  So just something to think about, and we all know that not all computer geeks love to push the limit.  Some just like to cause destruction.  Check out the full article at:

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