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Microsoft’s New Phone OS

Microsoft on Monday announced its next-generation mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 Series, which will bring together the Zune multimedia experience and Xbox Live gaming to mobile phones worldwide.  The phone OS is a mix of the Zune and the Windows Phone 7 series interfaces.  I don’t live on my phone so a pretty standard […]

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Deploying Printers Using Active Directory

I have had a few days to try to make deploying printers easier for my works remote site setup.  We use to go to every machine and install the printers on each of the machines.  I knew that it could be done through Active Directory but I just had not done this before.  So today […]

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Desktop virtualization for Windows and Linux

I recently read an article that talked about desktop virtualization and how these three stacked up to each other.  The article is from InfoWorld and was very interesting.  Part of the article follows:

VMware Workstation 7 is still king for developers and techs, but innovative VirtualBox 3.1 and easy-to-use Parallels Desktop 4 gain ground

VMware […]

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