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Virtualization with Microsoft’s Hyper V R2

Well to get all of this started I had not covered any thing on Hyper V so I decided to dig in and see what I come up with.  First off Hyper V has been around for a while, ever since Windows Server 2008 came about.  It really is the next stage in Microsoft’s Virtualization […]

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Microsoft’s push for H.264 as the default codec forIE and HTML5 video

I read a few articles on the push for H.264 to be the only supported video codec used for Internet Explorer 9 and HTML5.  HTML5 specification describes video support without specifying a particular video format, allowing the supported codecs to be determined by the browser maker.  The real problem is that H.264 is a […]

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Microsoft’s current attempt to become part of the Open Source World

I was reading an article from the TechRepublic that had an interesting spin on the Microsoft an their program called he Common OpenSource Application Publishing Platform or COAPP.  It focuses on creating an application package publishing platform that allow software to be built using a standard Windows installation routine.  If Microsoft can become part of […]

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