UK Wants Surveillance Cameras To Watch 20,000 Worst Families?

What do you think about this, putting cameras in peoples homes because they are bad.  If this would happen I would have to hack it and make a loop but I wouldn’t stand for it in the first place.  But read it and what do you think.

Slashdot points us to a story that sounds like it has to be a joke/satire, concerning a plan by the UK’s Children’s Secretary, Ed Balls, to spend £400 million to put 20,000 families (the worst families) under constant surveillance including 24-hour CCTV cameras in their homes, and private security guards checking on them from time to time. The cameras will supposedly be used to make sure kids go to bed on time and eat proper meals. Even in the UK, where surveillance cameras are even more popular than in the US, this seems quite extreme. Balls apparently explained:

“This is pretty tough and non-negotiable support for families to get to the root of the problem. There should be Family Intervention Projects in every local authority area because every area has families that need support.”

I’m hopeful that someone in the UK can let us know if this is somehow an exaggeration of what’s going on or if this is accurate, because it honestly seems difficult to believe.

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