Veeam FastSCP and ESXi

I know that there are a lot of ways to backup virtual machines that are running on an ESXi server but one of the easiest and and cheepest ways to do this is with a handy, free program made by Veeam.  Veeam Backup and FastSCP is designed for use with the Vmware ESX and ESXi servers.  It simply logs in to the server and give you the ability to copy the folders and files to a destination listed in the servers section of the menu.  I have searched for a while to find a utility that would allow for an easy and efficient way to backup my virtual machines.  This program lets you create jobs that can be setup on a schedule to allow for automated backups and will even email you if the backup fails.  Assuming that you have an smtp server that it can use to send the emails out.  Veeam was also told by Vmware to stop supporting the free ESXi server.  Its all about the money, but I say why not help out people that don’t have the thousands of $ to go out and purchase the full versions.  Anyhow if you use ESX or ESXi servers it is a program to check out. The following are some screen shots of the application and section I have already mentioned.

Check out the program, it will make backup of the ESXi server a great deal easier that having to write custom scripts and implement it through the CLI that Vmware provides.

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