WordPress and permissions Error

Today I was adding new security and plugins to my blog.  Once I got everything installed I decided to upgrade to the current version.  Well once I did this I saw no problems and kept configuring and installing new plugins.  Once I put in the Semi secure login plugin I started getting an error saying I didn’t have permission to access a page when I was logged in as an administrator.  Then once I closed the web browser and tried to log back in, it said I didn’t have permission to access the admin page.  Well that kind of tripped me out because I didn’t want to reinstall WordPress and start over.  So I searched the web and found a post on another blog that said that he had got the error and you just need to run the force database update.  Once I did that it worked like a charm, my blog returned to normal and the error went away.  So if you start getting permissions issues try using the force db update php file found at:


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