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WordPress and permissions Error

Today I was adding new security and plugins to my blog.  Once I got everything installed I decided to upgrade to the current version.  Well once I did this I saw no problems and kept configuring and installing new plugins.  Once I put in the Semi secure login plugin I started getting an error saying […]

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Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7

Keyboard shortcuts are faster, easier, and more fluid than continuous mouse clicks, yet the real problem is figuring out what those shortcuts even are.  Microsoft has provided an article for Windows 7 that details and lists every shortcut in the software giant’s latest and greatest release.

Some of my favorite shortcuts are listed below (other than […]

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Xampp and Virtual Hosts

In the process of setting up my web server to host my blog and web page I was trying to figure out how to make this work.  After consulting an Apache manual it gave me a good idea of how to add virtual hosts into the httd.conf file.  However xampp is a little different and […]

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