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Docker PI Cluster

Well today is close to two months that my Pi cluster has been up and running. For the most part it has worked without any issues. Once Portainer was up and running I went about installing the different functions I wanted to have on each node. The first thing I thought of was a new Nagios container. I have used Nagios on my own network and at a data center where I worked. This was by far the most difficult of the installs. To get the current version you have to build it from source and then go about configuring.  Here is an old but good guide to building a Nagios server.

Spacewalk Configuration for Red Hat Packages

A few months ago I build a Spacewalk server to automate patching of Linux machines. Well after a lot of banging my head against the wall I finally got the system work and auto updating. Depending on what you what you are looking for in your Spacewalk server will have an impact on what you really need to do. I was trying to get Red Hat patches to auto download and import into Spacewalk so when it came time to patch they were there and read to go. So here is what I did.