Community ROMs for the Viewsonic G Tablet

I had been a little hesitant to do any real changes to my G Tablet just because it worked good after all of the updates from Viewsonic.  But last week I had some problems with my Gmail account and it caused my tablet to make me go through the setup again.  After that it was all messed up.  I restored a backup but I was still missing a lot of changes I had made and with a bunch of work a head of me I really started looking into third party ROMs or firmware for my device.  I got the latest ones I could find and began to experiment.  I also added Youtube videos for a look at the interfaces,  these are my first ever Youtube videos so they are far from perfect, plus i need a new camera.

CyanogenMod 7

The first ROM I installed was CyanogenMod 7.  It is has Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) as part or all of the build.  This ROM still has some issues.  The launcher and interface are quick and function well.  However the app drawer is sluggish and I thought it would be fast and smooth.  It is a good start for a Gingerbread build and I don’t want people to think I dislike it.  But there are plenty of community ROM that perform better, to include CyanogenMod 6.

There is also an update out already.  Got to love this development community.

Here are some of the installed apps:

  1. Google apps
  2. ROM Manager
  3. Spare parts
  4. ADW Launcher

There are more apps installed I just forgot to write them down before I changed back to another ROM.

This is a great start and I can’t wait to see how well it works when some of the bugs are ironed out.

Tis the link to the CyanogenMod wiki, it is full of good information.

Here is a quick look at the CyanogenMod 7 on the Viewsonic G tab:

Vegan-TAB GingerEdition

The next ROM was the Vegan Gingeredition, which is a mod of the CyanogenMod ROM. This ROM is said to be at a some what stable build with only high definition video hardware decoding left to get working correctly.  Internal Memory is mapped to SDCard and external SD Card is mapped to SDCard2 unlike the CyanogenMod build.

Here are some of the apps that are installed:

  1. Theme chooser
  2. Terminal Emulator
  3. SeamanPlayer
  4. Quickoffice
  5. Dev Tools
  6. Google Apps to include Market

Here are some of the changes/updates for this ROM.

* Uses the latest Pershoot kernel as of 04/09
* Switched over to newer Camera Rotation Fix
* Added Tablet Friendly Launcher VTL.Launcher to the launcher options
* Screenshots/DDMS fixed via several commits to Nvidia GIT etc.
* Added in the External Storage Format and Unmount
* Pulled in the Tablet Tweaks
* Modified Tablet Tweaks to not Break our Device or Google API’s
* Fixed up the Fullscreen handling issue
* Edited Statusbar buttons to fit with VEGAn-TAB Styling
* Newer Boot Animation – lowered quality to improve boot performance and speed
* Fixed layout of Launcher and added settings to settings page if default
* Added basic Google Apps to avoid confusion
* Added Tablet version of Quick Office
* Added Basic Tablet Keyboard Layout for English version of Gingerbread Keyboard
* Changed Default Browser User Agent to Desktop
* Added code to remove Phone Settings without losing market functionality
* Lot’s of code cleanups and minor bug fixes

You can find more information at the following link:

Here is a video I made to show some of the Vegan-Tab GingerEdition features.

TnT Lite 4.40

Finally is Tnt Lite 4.40.  This is a modified stock ROM based on Froyo or Android 2.2.  This is my favorite ROM.  It has elements of the Viewsonic ROM with increased performance and Google Market.  This is the last of the TnT Lite ROM because Roebeet as decided not to continue to develop this ROM.

Flashing the ROM was pretty standard and went smoothly.  I takes a few minutes to come up the first time but is much faster after the initial setup.  The performance did increase over the stock ROM, I didn’t run Quadrant to determine scores but you can tell the device is running better.  Here are some of the apps that come installed:

  1. Google Apps to include Market
  2. Superuser
  3. Sniffer
  4. iFile Manager
  5. Dev Tools
  6. Spare Parts

This doesn’t count things like the web browser or launcher, this is extra stuff that you can live without.  The default interface for this Firmware is Launcher2.  The window animation is changed as well, the windows flip or pops up from the bottom of the screen.  This ROM also mounts my USB flash drive correctly for use unlike some of the other ROMs.  Whereas the stock ROM the just seem to change.

Here are some of the changes TnT Lite makes to the stock firmware:

– Rooted and has SuperUser app preinstalled.
– Google Marketplace has been added.
– Removes the TnT homescreen and replaces it with a stock Google launcher
– Removes the over-the-air (OTA) updater
– Removes most of the TnT stock apps and replaces them with standard Android replacements (the only exception    being the web browser which cannot be changed yet, and the music application).
– Development and Spare Parts apps have been added.
– Busybox pre-installed.
– Adds VEGA IFile Manager, replacing Estrongs.
– Adds back the /system/xbin folder, which VS removed for some reason. Internal binaries like “sqlite3″ now work.
– Adds a full YouTube app.
– Flash is pre-installed.
– Adds extra UI animations
– Includes a TnT Lite version number in the “About Tablet” area.
– Adds an Adam keyboard and Sniffer app. Also adds a Gingerbread-based keyboard.
– G-Sensor hack and Calibration hacks.

All in all this is my favorite ROM.  It has better battery usage and this may be due to some of the phone parts of Android have been removed.  I also may be partial due to the use of the stock Viewsonic ROM for so long.  But the performance is better and with the addition of Rock Player I can watch any movie from microSD card or a USB flash drive.  Do some research of your own to see which ROM you like best.

The following link takes you to more information about the TnT Lite ROMs to include download links.

Here is a video I made to show some of the TnT Lite features.

If you feel that you can experiment with any of these ROM go for it you will not be sorry, unless you brick you r device.  So a level of caution should always be used.  Good Luck.

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