Honeycomb for the Viewsonic G Tablet

Android Illuminate is a Viewsonic Gtablet Honeycomb ROM, that has been said to be the most Stable Honeycomb ROM at the moment for the Viewsonic Gtablet!

This is a really cool rom for the G tablet.  It is Honeycomb and it look really good to me. Here is a youtube video of what the interface looks like.


Here is a video of the flashing process.


I have not installed this rom on to my G tablet yet but I am fixing to do this soon.  I was looking a newer tablets just to have Honeycomb, with this I get what I want with hardware I have.  Here are some of the features of the rom.

New Features:

  • -New NVidia Libraries Introduced (For Bluetooth & Various Media)
  • -Kernel Cache Size Increased from 256kb to 512kb
  • -New Linux Box Solution 1.8 Honeycomb Kernel (Overclockable to 1.4Ghz) (Wifi Utilization Improved)
  • -USB Mass Storage
  • -Wifi Connectivity Stable
  • -Hardware Acceleration
  • -Improved Audio Playback
  • -Improved Video Playback
  • -Overall Performance Improved
  • -Some HD Playback with Vitalplayer
  • -Accessibility Features Enabled and Working
  • -OpenGl enabled by Default and working Properly
  • -Basic Google Apps Reinstalled
  • -Es File Explorer Default File Manager now as it allows for Root Access to the file system
  • -Clemsyn Kernel (Overclocked upto 1400ghz with CPU Master) 6/22/11 Removed to Introduce Linux Box Solution 1.8 Honeycomb Kernel
  • -Tethering Enabled (Wifi Hotspot Turns Wifi Off & Trying to figure out a way to keep the both enabled if possible! Have not tried Bluetooth Tethering or USB Tethering!)

You will want to get familar with nvflash for recovery and changing bootloaders.  All I can say for sure is do your research and this may be a path you want to follow.  Good luck.  Here are some links to more info on Android Illuminate.

Here is a link to the post on the xda developers site. HERE

Here is a link to their site at LinuxBoxSolution HERE

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