Is Carrier IQ on your Android phone?

I read an article today about an app that is on xda developer that checks to see if your Android device has Carrier IQ installed on it.  The app is called Logging Test App and can be downloaded at this link.

I installed it on my phone and it came up showing that I didn’t have Carrier IQ on my phone.  So I wondered around the office and installed it on other peoples phones and ran the app.  It came up with positive results a Samsung phone from Sprint that a co-worked had, so we went and tried to delete it out.  Well we got it accomplished but his phone didn’t work after that.  However he had clockwork mod installed so we just recovered back to a previous backup.  All in all this app tells you if you have it installed and can point you in the right direction to getting rid of it.  So check out the app by TrevE on XDA Developers.

Here are all the feature of this app:


  • Check CIQ files (Root Only)– Sees if CIQ exists in your system
  • Check Google Usage Logs(Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/usagestats
  • Check HTC Usage Logs (Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/appusagestats
  • Check Devlog (Root Only) – Checks /devlog partition, written out by htc_ebdlogd
  • Check Dropbox Logs(Root Only)– Checks for logs in /data/system/dropbox
  • Check UserBehavior DB(Root Only)– Reads user Behavior monitoring database
  • AppUsage UI – See app usage logs in UI
  • CIQ APP UI – Attempts to open all known CIQ Activities
  • Start HTCLoggers – Start HTC Logging Activitie+

Ports & Agents:

  • HTC Checkin DB (Root Only)– Shows what info you are sending to htc when checking in automatically
  • Google Checkin DB (Root Only)– Shows what triggers Google checking in automatically
  • HTC Report Agent – Shows what triggers HTC Reporting.
  • Common Commands– Network Diagnostic tools to see IP address/routes/outbound connections/automatically control port dialog (see below)
  • Port Control– Lets you input manual commands (or use above spinner) to local ports on your machines. Unix Domain Sockets will be enabled next

Internet Security:

  • Read Cookies (Root Only)– Reads Sticky “Location Cookies” – clearing all data in browser does not wipe these
  • Wipe Cookies (Root Only)– Wipes Location Cookies. (pro not required)
  • Flash Settings Set local storage to “Only from sites I visit” and disable “Peer-Assisted Networking”
  • Convert to HTTPs (Root Only)– Updates stock top 500 db with https where possible. See pro options
  • Change Firefox Search to HTTPS (Root Only)– Changes default search to use HTTPs
  • Check/Set IPv6 Privacy(Root Only) – Sets if your MAC address is used as part of your IPv6 address. Dialog explains more

Good hunting.

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