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USB charging cable for Coby Kyros

My Kyros uses 5v to recharge the battery.  So I thought I would create a USB cable that could be used to recharge the Kyros anywhere I had access to a 5v power source (computer, portable battery, or 12v USB charger).  Building the cable was very easy.

List of parts.

AC to DC power adapter with […]

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Coby Kyros GPU fix Update

I installed the fix on to another Kyros last night and ran into some interesting problems.  It would come up normally but when you went to touch the screen the message bar would flash and you could not access anything.  So it is a good thing to make a backup before you do anything that […]

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Installing apps on you Kyros MID7015

After having this device for a few weeks I really like it and have research tons of ways to do things to it. First is loading apps on to the device. Of course there is Applib installed but you can’t get everything from there. So I found a thread on the XDA […]

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