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Open source innovation on the cutting edge

InfoWorld – Open source doesn’t innovate — so goes the old saw. Proprietary software vendors, including Microsoft, would have you believe the open source movement has produced nothing but knockoffs of existing products and cast-off code that couldn’t cut it in the free market.

But while many open source projects, such as, do in fact […]

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Microsoft’s current attempt to become part of the Open Source World

I was reading an article from the TechRepublic that had an interesting spin on the Microsoft an their program called he Common OpenSource Application Publishing Platform or COAPP.  It focuses on creating an application package publishing platform that allow software to be built using a standard Windows installation routine.  If Microsoft can become part of […]

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Roundcube is a great interface for your webmail

I have been running a mail server for years now and used Squirrel Mail as the web interface.  I like Squirrel Mail but I wanted to change the interface to something a little more modern and easier to look at.  I think I found that in Roundcube.  Roundcube is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with […]

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