Waterfox, 64 bit Off Shoot of Firefox

Recently I was introduced to Waterfox just over a week ago and it is a fast browser.  I had not used a 64 bit browser because of compatibility issues.   However this browser didn’t seen to have any problems with the websites I went too.  Now I didn’t go to that many sites so there most likely will be problems with some sites.  But it does load really fast, even on websites that loaded slow in Firefox.

It looks like Firefox 10 and uses the same updater.   I am writing this post using this browser and I have had no issues.

Mozilla still hasn’t officially released any 64-bit builds for Firefox, and Waterfox aims to fill that void. It has one main goal: speed.

There is only one problem that I have found with Waterfox and that is you can only open either Firefox or Waterfox at a time.  If you open waterfox it seems to use some of the same files that Firefox uses.  Also when you you go and open Firefox after having Waterfox open it goes through a plugin or browser update.  Other than that the browser is very good and functions very well on every site I went to.  You should check it out.   I know I didn’t write too much on it but I wanted to help get the word out about it.

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