Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop 3.0 Beta

The Ulteo team has announced that the New OVD 3.0 is now available as a beta.
This new version is the result of more than one year of new developments.
It can deliver Windows and/or Linux applications to users very easily and offers many new features.

It can be downloaded from the 3.0beta page.

New features include:

User’s experience:
* Windows desktop with Windows and/or Linux applications
* or Linux desktop with Linux and/or Windows applications
* or web based “portal” mode with Linux and/or Windows applications
* fullscreen support
* improved and true seamless support for applications windows (portal mode)
* local user’s filesystem mapping
* local user’s USB stick mapping
* local user’s printers mapping (hard-plugged and network printers)
* new, improved and transparent printing processus
* sound support

* improved administration interface
* improved LDAP and Active Directory Support
* Active Directory profiles support
* new Ulteo Fileserver with support for Linux and Windows profiles and shared folders

– Scalability:
* thousands simultaneous user sessions are supported

SSO (Single Sign On)
* with Windows locals credentials (NTLM/Kerberos)

– Better performance and bandwidth usage:
* the VNC protocol has been dropped in favor of a unified, RDP-based, protocol for both Linux & Windows applications

I have downloaded and have began installing this new Beta.  I will write more once I have played around a little more.  This is a very good virtual desktop that allow the mixing of Windows and Linux applications.  This may not be what you are looking for but go to www.ulteo.com and read more about it.

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